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Willard R-2 Schools

460 E. Kime

Willard, MO 65781




Overview of the District


The school district has a student enrollment of about 4,220, is organized on four levels: K-4, grades 5 and 6, grades 7 and 8, and grades 9-12, and has an accredited rating given by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Willard South Elementary houses 369 students in grades K-4, and is located near the edge of the city limits of Springfield on Division Street.Willard Central Elementary serves 279 students, K-4, and is located on Farm Road 101, north of EE Highway.†† Willard East Elementary serves 325 students in grades K-4, and is located on Kime Street in Willard.Willard North Elementary, grades K-4, serves 335 students and is located in Willard, Missouri, at the junction of Highway AB and 160. Our newest school, Orchard Hills Elementary, houses 271 students and is located on Miller Street and Grand in Springfield. The Intermediate School, grades 5 and 6, compromised of 665 students, is situated on the same campus as Willard North, but students are separated from elementary students.The Middle School, located on Miller Road, houses 650 students in grades 7 and 8.In August of 2006, our new Willard High School, located on Jackson Street, opened itís doors. It has an enrollment of1,270 students in grades 9-12.The Alternative School has an enrollment of around 15 students. The Tiger Cubs PreSchool at Miller and Mill in Willard has around 55 students.


District Boundary


The exact boundary lines are difficult to describe due to boundary changes over the years which have created numerous jogs in the boundary lines.The northeastern boundary stretches beyond Highway 13 to McDaniel Lake.The southeastern boundary juts westward slightly within the Springfield city limits.The southern boundary runs just beyond I-44 to near Brookline.The western boundary follows no specific pattern.The southwestern boundary is located a couple of miles west of Highway AB and generally parallels the highway for a few miles.Just west of Willard the boundary juts westward all the way beyond Highway UU.The northwestern corner takes in the Cave Springs area and goes beyond Highway 123.The northernmost boundary generally follows Farm Road 44 with the exception of a wide strip of land on both sides of Highway Z running all the way beyond Sacville to and slightly beyond Highway BB.For more specific information consult the attached map or call the transportation department at 742-2506.


Attendance Boundaries


All students in grades 9‑12 attend Willard High School; all students in grades 7‑8 attend Willard Middle School.Students in grades 5-6 attend Willard Intermediate School.K‑4 students are required to attend the elementary school in their neighborhood attendance center.












To enter a student in school, simply take the student to the school he or she will attend.The school will request the childís records from the school he or she attended last.A current grade card or similar information would be helpful for immediate grade or program placement during the waiting period for permanent records or a copy of a current I.E.P if the child is receiving special education services. Requirements for new student registration include the childís birth certificate, social security number, an indication of compliance with the stateís immunization laws and proof of residency.A kindergarten child must be five before the first day of August.


Education Program



The Willard Schools offer a quality educational program.  If you measure quality by the programs offered, then the Willard Schools will rate exceptionally high.  In addition to the core subjects the Elementary program offers music, art, library and physical education.  In addition to math, social studies, language arts, and science, the Middle School program includes an expanded elective program featuring vocal and instrumental music, home economics, art, speech, drama, industrial arts, Spanish and computers.  At the secondary level, Willard High School is an accredited A+ High School which offers an expanded curriculum including over 135 units of credit. Thirteen different dual-credit College classes, all of which articulate into 45 college hours, are offered during the regular day.  Over 60 units of approved credit is available at the Graff Vo-Tech School, a part of Ozarks Technical College, in Springfield.


If quality is measured in personnel, then the Willard Schools rank high with 48% of the 322 certified staff members having Masterís Degrees or higher.


If quality is measured with test scores, the Willard Schools compare very well.  In the standardized testing program students have been equal to or above the national average in most areas.  Willard students score above the state average in most categories on the Missouri Assessment Program each year.

Aligned Elementary Curriculum
The elementary curriculum is aligned to the Missouri grade level expectations so that whichever school a child goes to he or she will be receiving instruction on the same objectives.  Each school develops a personality because of the makeup of students, the teaching staff, and the operation of the individual principal.  Elementary teachers meet collaboratively to develop the curricular objectives, the assessments, and their instructional strategies.


Centralized Elementary Curriculum


The elementary curriculum is centralized so that whichever school a child goes to he or she will be receiving exactly the same training and services as does any other child.Each school develops a personality because of the makeup of students, the teaching staff, and the operation of the individual principal.




The school district operates 40 school buses.They travel over 378,000 miles annually and transport a daily average of over 2,500 students.The Board of Education has established that any student who lives within the district boundaries shall receive free bus transportation.A few students who live very near their attendance center walk to school.


Services in Addition to the Regular Program


All Willard R-2 students can start their morning in the school cafeteria with a nutritious breakfast, plus have available to them, each day, a hot lunch through the school food service program.Health services are provided by nurses in each facility.


Special Services Program


The Willard R-II Special Services program includes a continuum of services for students with disabilities, ages three to 21 years of age.  Placement is based on individual student needs, ranging from participation in the regular classroom environment 100% of the day to self-contained special education. Over 600 students receive services with 40 teachers, 42 paraprofessionals, three process coordinators, a licensed occupational therapist and licensed physical therapist on staff.

Prior to the referral process for special services, additional programs are offered in the lower elementary grades.  These include Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Groups which offer remediation opportunities for many struggling students.

The SUCCESS Program (Students Understanding Careers, Choices, Education and Social Skills) is an alternative program to assist the at-risk learner in grades 7 and 8.  The general curriculum, PLATO Learning System, social skills, and a career opportunity class are vital components of SUCCESS.  Mentoring and community service are also experienced by students attending SUCCESS.

The high school alternative school assists students in recommitting to social, vocational, and academic success through conflict resolution, behavior modification, hands-on learning activities, and developing organizational skills.  Students strive to recover lost high school credits and return to the regular school setting.  Service learning projects and work programs are also valuable components which enhance the curriculum and enhance community awareness in students.

Interscholastic Athletic Academic Program


The school district supports middle school programs in football, girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, boys and girls cross country, wrestling and cheerleading.At the secondary level competitive interscholastic competition is available in football, girls volleyball, girls softball, boys and girls golf, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer, wrestling, boys baseball and trap shooting.Middle School and secondary students compete successfully in math, speech and debate, and other academic competitions in the region.


Instrumental Music


The Willard School District is very proud of the Academic and Activity Programs that its students participate in.   "The Cutting Edge", as the marching band is nicknamed, draws 250+ members annually from the student body.  The Willard Marching Band has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada from Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, Montreal, Quebec, Washington D.C. and Florida.  In the Spring of 2000, the Willard Band was invited to and participated in the "Easter in Maastricht" International Music Festival in The Netherlands, also touring Belgium and Germany.  Most recently the band was honored to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii in June of 2004.    While there they presented concerts at the USS Missouri and Arizona Memorials, and in the Punchbowl Cemetery.  An official "wreath laying ceremony" was also presented.  The band also marched in the Pan Pacific Parade alongside entries from throughout the Pacific Rim. "The Cutting Edge" currently holds five Regional Grand Championships from Music Bowl Missouri in 1985, 1986, 1991, 1992 and 1995.  In 1996, the Willard Band placed first nationally in The All-American Music Festival in Orlando, Florida.  The Willard Concert Bands (3 total), and Jazz Bands (3 total), consistently receive Honor I Ratings at the local and State Music Contests and have for well over 20 years.  The Winter Ensembles provide additional performing avenues for percussion and colorguard members.  Including the middle school band students, the entire band program serves annually upwards of 650 students.  Please visit the band website posted on the Willard R-II Schools website for more indepth information on the Willard Band Program.


Vocal Music


The choral department has a long tradition of excellence.  They are frequent award winners at the World's of Fun Festival of Choirs.  The choir program boasts an enrollment of over 200 singers.  In the past five years the choir has had over 150 singers selected for the South Central Missouri All District Honor Choir, with 10 selected for Missouri All State Choir.  In 2007, Concert Choir will be featured in an invitational performance at the Missouri Music Educators Convention and the Chamber Choir will make their second appearance at the National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association in Miami.  2006 brought the choirs 3 Grand Champion Awards for Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Male Chorus.  The Chamber Choir was also selected to perform for the 1999 Convention of the Missouri Music Educators.  Only two AAA schools from the state of Missouri were selected for this honor.  In 2000, the Willard High School Women's Choir (Dolce Canto) received an invitation to perform for the 2000 Convention of Missouri Music Educators and the Chamber Choir performed at the National MENC Convention in Washington, D.C.  The Chamber Choir was also featured in a performance at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in March of 2000.  The Chamber Choir made an invitational appearance at the 2003 National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association in New York. The Chamber choir earned the gold medal award at the 7th Annual San Francisco Choral Festival in April of 2005.


Finances and Taxes


The current tax rate on local property is $3.99 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation.The school district is in sound financial shape with an unrestricted ending balance of approximately $9,878,000.56.The current bonded indebtedness is $56,135,000.Federal revenue accounts for 6%.State revenue accounts for 40% of the total school district revenue.Local revenue accounts for approximately 54% of the funds.Over 57% of the revenue is spent for instructional purposes.




The District has adopted student, teacher, and administrator technology standards.  All the stations in the district are networked and have Internet access. We maintain an updated filter and are compliant with Childrenís Internet Protection Act. Well equipped computer labs are located in each building, with staffing provided in the elementary labs.  Computers are also available in all individual classrooms, media centers, and offices throughout the district. Our Technology Enhanced Classroom Program (TEC) is implemented in every 4th grade classroom with one station per two students, a Smartboard and a projector. Projectors are installed in all core classrooms throughout the district as well as many special classrooms. Many classrooms are also equipped with document cameras or smartboards. Various computer applications classes are offered at the Intermediate School, Middle School and the High School. An approved replacement schedule is funded with an annual commitment of over $250,000.  In addition, three full-time hardware / network technicians are employed, along with a half-time District Technology Curriculum Specialist and 3 district technology training specialists.


Class Size


Class sizes ranging from 15-25 students per classroom are maintained in the primary grades; 20-28 students per class are maintained in the upper elementary grades.Class sizes in the core subject areas of the Middle School and Senior High levels generally range from 25-35 students per class.Many elective classes have fewer than 20 students enrolled.Physical education, music and computer keyboard classes are permitted to have higher enrollments.


Summer School


The Willard R-II Schools offer a summer school program with many enrichment and fun classes in addition to needed remedial classes.Credit is awarded at the secondary level while elementary and middle schoolprograms are enrichment centered.


Board of Education


The Willard R-II School Board is the governing body of the Willard R-II Schools.It is responsible for the organization and control of the public schools within the district boundaries.It consists of seven members, each elected for three-year terms.School Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month in the Willard Middle School Training Room or other facilities as advertised.Agendas are posted in various locations throughout the district, on the District website at or may be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent.The Open Session meeting time is 7:00 P.M.Open Session meetings are open to the public.